The NZ Court system is a very simple process and this application is intended for you to save a few thousand dollars by self-representing in court and by understanding the process and using it to your benefit. There are no tricks. Only simple information that we have spent alot of time condensing and refining – that you need in order to get to the other side and be driving legally.

We provide you with the following documents :–

1 – Limited Licence your Affidavit

This document is the basis of your application and lays out the legal requirements for your Limited Licence, (financial hardship), and the reasons you require one. It allows the prosecutor to see why (saving you more time) and also the Judge of the reasons for the Limited Licence.

2 – Limited Licence District Court Application

This document is your court application for your Limited Licence application to the District Court.

3 – Limited Licence Draft Court Order

The court normally creates this document for all other cases but for the Limited Licence system it is alot easier when we supply it and makes the process alot faster for the court. All the judge has to do is sign the order, saving you and the court time.

4 – FREE Employer Letter in support – Template (.doc)

FREE Employer Letter in support Template saves your employer time creating the document, also allows your employer to add or remove any elements they wish to.

5 – FREE Google driving boundary map

FREE Google driving boundary (when required) allows the court to easily see the driving boundary limits without having to figure it all out, saving time and making your application move faster through the Police prosecutor approval process and the district court.

6 – FREE (3 weeks) Digital LogBook App Trial

FREE 3 week Digital Logbook app trial allows you to see the incredible advantage that filling in a digital logbook gives you, safeguarding your licence through your intent and compliance with GPS data and allows you to retain your Limited Licence without risk. iOS & Android.

7 – FREE Court Process Guide (.pdf)

The Comprehensive Court Process Guide is critical to the Limited Licence process & enables you to efficiently & easily navigate & complete the process faster & more efficiently (saving you at least $1,800 – $2,800) that a lawyer would normally charge an applicant.

The pack is sold as one item made up of all 7 elements & is delivered to you by email after completing the “Background Application Form”. This is about 15% the cost of a comparable law firm’s fee. We accept NZ Bank Debit, ANZ Pay to Mobile payment. All forms of payment are fully guaranteed & through encrypted secure payment gateways through your own bank.

This is a digital service, fully phone supported by experts in the NZ Limited Licence process. You check your documents over and we edit any changes you require to them, then you are clear to proceed to court and deliver your documents to the Police Prosecutor for your region. After this point our job is done. Very complicated applications can require a review if the applicant keeps changing their mind and altering information in the application. As the application, affidavit and draft court order are all connected, we only create the Application documents and the Order once the Affidavit is finalised.

Under no circumstances do we provide legal advice, legal representation or legal consulting for your Limited Licence Application. For that you would be looking at between NZD$1,800 – 2,800, and for 90% of driver licence issues, anyone can easily represent themselves in court. Should you not be confident in doing this you are able to bring your own support person to the court, (this is known as a Mackenzie friend, this person can give you advice but cannot address the court on your behalf).

Take the opportunity we are giving you, go to court yourself and make the commitment to “complete your mission for the day” – get your Limited Licence. Our system has been tested by all of the the district courts in New Zealand hundreds of times now.

Be warned – Don’t go criminal

Your matter now is currently a “civil matter” – you simply have a drivers licence disqualification.

The NZ Police and the District Courts both take a very dim view of a driver that has been disqualified for 3 months then deciding to get behind the wheel and drive while disqualified. They will immediately impound whatever vehicle you are driving, and arrest you for Driving While Disqualified. This offence is a criminal offence and is treated very differently from a 3 month disqualification of your drivers licence. It carries a $750 fine and a compulsory 6 month disqualification and a criminal conviction. That conviction must be disclosed to any potential employer, landlord or country you wish to apply for a Visa to travel to.