If you are here, then you have been pulled over enough times by the NZ Police and handed infringement notices that accumulated you an excess of points inside the 24 month limit of 100 demerit points. One speeding offence 40km over the road limit = 50 points for example.

This site gives you all the information you need to prepare your paperwork for the application for the District Court you are wanting to apply to, for a limited license under the limited license system.

We will outline the process for you, the costs for you and what it is you need to do to progress your application through the court so that you get a favourable result.

That will :-
– (a)
allow you to drive inside the terms of your limited license
– (b) allow you to keep your job and of course
– (c) allow you to retain your income
– (d) keep your home or pay your mortgage
– (e) pay your bills and pay for food.

Firstly there are no magic bullets – if you are a DIC convicted driver or a driver that has been convicted of a driving offence then it is likely that the NZ Police prosecutors will oppose your application for a limited license.